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UIG is a private investment company, currently focused on the oil and gas industry. UIG provides oil and gas opportunities which enable investors to participate in domestic energy production; while enjoying some of the best tax advantages available today. Oil and gas allows investors to diversify and reinforce their portfolios with a commodity that is in steady demand. Investors have the opportunity to play a key role in promoting our country's energy independence through domestic drilling programs.


UIG provides a detailed authorization for expenditures, for each program. Our partners know in detail, where there investment capital will be spent.

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We select oil and gas opportunities with low capital cost and a high rate of return potential. This will ensure long-term sustainability, company growth, and return on investment for our partners.

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Oil & Gas Energy

To reach our goal of owning interest in many different production wells, UIG invests in its own projects. We encourage our partners to speak with the geologist or engineer with any questions or concerns. Team UIG is a group of highly skilled professionals, experts in their respective professions.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to mitigate the risk of drilling by selecting projects with proven producing formations. We reduce risk with the latest up-to-date production technologies. We believe the acquisition of premium leases and the cost effective development of those resources is essential to achieving a profitable relationship with our partners.

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Energy resources are bound to experience significant increases in price. A select group of smart investors will get rich in the process Why Choose Domestic Develop Over Foreign Interest Move towards energy independence. Job Creation – from exploration and production, to oil refining, and gas processing to transportation and storage all the way to distribution and retailing Increased revenues for state government Indirect economic benefits to other business and consumers Tax Benefits: Domestic oil and gas development offers one of the most significant, immediate, and long term tax exemption of almost any investment in the market place today Ownership Opportunity. United States citizens are unique in their accessibility to oil and gas ventures throughout the world. Nowhere else offers individuals the opportunity to invest with limited capital Wisely placed energy related investments are a must for any well balanced investment portfolio.


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Tim Davis, Chief Operational Officer's focus with UIG is investor relations and drilling project management. As C.E.O., Mr. Davis has been responsible for key client financial management. While working with UIG he has improved communication avenues for new and existing partners, provided added value to the holdings of his partners, and developed and maintained new partner relationships. Mr. Davis' diverse and extensive experience in the oil and gas industry includes general management, operations, business development, generating new business, as well as energy portfolio management.

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